Our Family History

As a five-generation family in the cattle business we understand the need for quality breeding stock. Dating back to the 1840's, the Baca and Elkins families were part of the pioneering and ranching families of Texas. The Baca family settled in Flatonia, Texas and the Elkins settled in the Snyder and Post Texas area.

 After spending several weeks on the trail with a small herd of cattle and 2 wagon loads of personal belongings, the Elkins arrived in Bluewater, New Mexico area in 1917. 

We have raised cattle and have been involved in the cattle business in one form or another our entire lives. We discovered the Texas Longhorn breed and decided to try our hand at raising world class longhorns about 7 years ago. We purchased our first Longhorns just for their looks and gentle traits. To date we offer New Mexico Texas Longhorn beef and live cattle through our operation. Owning ranches in Grants, NM and Aztec, NM, we base our headquarters in Aztec, NM.


Tuff and Ready

89 3/4" TTT



2021 Horn Showcase

3 Time Champion

Thunder Rolls RBR